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Equitybee provides you the funding you need to exercise your employee stock options and liquidate your equity before an exit event. Make the most of your equity - without selling it.

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The system is broken

Receiving stock options can be a life-changing financial opportunity. That's what you dream of when you decide to join a startup. But you need to wait for an unknown exit event to unlock the true value of your hard earned stock options. If you leave your company before the exit event, you often won't be able to afford the exercise cost.
We're here to fix this problem. 

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Enjoy a portion of the gains upon a future successful exit event.

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Thanks to Equitybee, I was able to make a small exit (before an actual one) and use the funds to renovate my apartment and buy a new bike!

V. S

famous startup company
startup employee recommendation
Equitybee's service is great! Their availability and service are unparalleled. Whenever I had a question, Tal (my account manager) would reply within minutes with clear info and instructions. Without Equitybee, I would not be able to buy my shares. I highly recommend their service.

E. L

Famous startup company
startup employee recommendation
Equitybee was great! Their service saved me and allowed me to keep my shares right when I needed this funding option! Their service and customer-centric approach is unlike any other; honestly, best in class. I would definitely come back to use their services in the future!

Elad K

famous startup company
startup employee recommendation
"With transparency and lots of patience, Equitybee made my decision to finance my options very easy. Not only did I get my options financed, but I was also incentivized by additional cash transferred directly to my bank account."

I. C

Melio startup company
startup employee recommendation
"Equitybee helped me purchase the vested options I had in my former company. Without the service, I would have given up on the options because I didn't want to invest that amount of money myself at the time."

Erez E

IronSource startup company
female startup employee recommendation
"The idea is great and so is the delivery. The process was simple, clear and very pleasant."

Adi S

Similarweb startup company logo
startup employee recommendation
"If you want to keep your start-up options without using equity, check Equitybee’s service. The service is transparent and automated, the paperwork review and approval is really clear and easy to follow. I have used Equitybee recently and highly recommend this company."

Benny P

Valens startup company logo
startup employee recommendation
"Equitybee made a life-changing decision much easier to make, with a big smile and patience."

Ran S

Outbrain startup company logo
female startup employee recommendation
"Equitybee easily solved the dilemma of how many options to exercise - all of them. The process is quick and completely transparent."

Daniel G

Valens startup company logo
startup employee recommendation
"In a short and quick process, Equitybee matched me with an investor, guided me through all the documentation and spared me the hustle of negotiations and paperwork. Highly recommended!"


Carbyne startup company logo
startup employee recommendation
"Excellent service, managed to successfully complete the process on a very tight schedule."

Oren K

Kenshoo startup company logo
Female startup employee recommendation
"My Experience with Equitybee was just great - easy, transparent and effective, with them matching me with an investor quickly. A great solution for employees with vested stock options"

Omer T

Fabric startup company logo
startup employee recommendation
"I can’t recommend Equitybee enough, as their service was no less than exceptional. They raised the money in no-time, were available around the clock and accommodated me during a challenging holiday period, transferring the funding beforehand."

Guy G

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As your fellow startup employees, we understand your needs and will always put them first.

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Because you’re not selling your equity, you enjoy a simple and transparent funding process

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You get to access immediate cash without selling your shares or paying a dime out of pocket

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